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Will Registry

  • Would your loved ones know where to find your Will, Deeds and other important Documents?
  • As Australia’s leading register of Wills, Deeds and Documents since 2009, we help you to easily register and locate important documents.
  • Search our comprehensive database to identify if a current valid Will and/or document is registered.

Australian Legal Will

  • With the simple Australian Legal Will, you can make a Will online in minutes. Features include digital assets, pet guardianship, organ donation, and bequests to charity.
  • Best of all, you can create, register and store a copy of your Will all in one place.


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calender1 17-06-2018

Trying to find an item of great value, where you don’t know of its whereabouts, can be time consuming and troublesome. This can cause unnecessary pain and frustration, and even lead to family disputes. By registering the location of your Will and important documents online, you can help loved ones easily locate them upon request. What’s more, b... read_bread more
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