Professional Registration Benefits:

The Australian Registry of Wills, Deeds and DocumentsTM enables legal and financial service providers to electronically register the location of important documents online.

This allows you and your clients to conveniently track the current location of all your registered documents, in one central location, from anywhere in the world.

Our easy-to-use service features some of the latest online technologies, helping you save time and resources by staying organised and keeping your administrative system up-to-date.

Most importantly, you will be providing the necessary duty of care and high level of due diligence to help your clients fulfil their wishes.

There are many reasons for professionals to register. These are just some of them:

  • A selection of three distinct registration plans (Silver, Gold, Platinum), giving you the flexibility to cater according to your business requirements.
  • The ability to provide additional client service benefits, whilst generating revenue.
  • Provide a high level of due diligence to your clients.
  • Quick and easy functionality that allows you to register multiple documents simultaneously.
  • Lead new clients to your business, by having enquirers identify and locate Documents stored by you.
  • National database that caters to professionals and the general public.
  • Global account access 24/7.

Benefits to your clients:

Provide the following benefits to your clients when they register their documents through you.

  • Help those dealing with your clients’ estate to quickly and easily identify the location of their registered Documents.
  • It's quick and easy to register through a Professional.
  • Save clients loved one’s time and money searching for Documents.
  • Receive an online Document registration certificate for easy identification.
  • Clients control who they nominate to have access to their registered information.
  • Minimise the risk of your client's Will not being found, so State and Territory law does not determine how their assets are to be divided.
  • Help eliminate the chance of an outdated Will being probated.
  • Help prevent client family disputes or conflict, at a time when loved ones are already grieving.
  • Clients can print a copy of their registration certificate by accessing their account.
  • A national database, so clients can move States/Territories without having to change registries.
  • Clients receive periodic reminder emails to ensure their details are kept up-to-date.
  • Free updates to member and nominee details.

Still undecided whether to register?

There have been countless legal cases in Australia regarding disputes over Wills, Probate and Administration. To view some of them, see below.

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  • In the Will of W J Boyd, deceased; ex parte Whelan [1959] SR (NSW) 369
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