Professional Registry:

Welcome to the Australian Registry of Wills, Deeds and DocumentsTM.

The registry aims to assist you and your clients to easily identify the existence, currency and location of Wills, deeds and other valuable documents.

By registering your business, you'll receive all the associated professional member benefits, enabling you to register documents on your clients' behalf.

You'll have an individual professional account, which allows you to easily manage and maintain all your client information from one central location.

Each client you register will receive their account username and password by email. This will enable them to keep their details up-to-date and control who they nominate to have access to their registered information.

What's more, every document you register is assigned with a unique registration number and certificate for easy identification.

* The Australian Registry of Wills, Deeds and Documents does NOT store any original Wills, Deeds or Documents. It is a member's sole responsibility to ensure the safety and security of where any original Documents are kept.

Information required for business registration:

Business account details:

  • Entity Type
  • Entity Name
  • Trading Name
  • Address
  • Industry Type
  • Administrator
  • Email
  • Phone

Professional account user details:

  • Full Name
  • Position Title
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone

Information required for registering members (clients):

  • Details about the owner of Will and Documents*
  • Type of Documents to be registered
  • Location of Will and Documents
  • Custodian of Will and Documents
  • Responsible person's name/phone/email
  • Details of people nominated to access registered information**

*Owner details include: full name, address, contact number, email, date of birth, place of birth.
** Nominee details include: full name, date of birth, place of birth, relationship status, email (optional).

Information provided by the registry

The following information is made available to a successful enquirer/nominee:

  • Owner of Document
  • Type of registered Document
  • Document registration number
  • Document issued by
  • Document registration date
  • Location of Document
  • Online location (if applicable)
  • Custodian of Document
  • Responsible person's name/phone/email

Business Registration Process Flow Chart