Charities & Not-For-Profit Organisations

With the reliance of charities and not-for-profit organisations focusing their attention on Will bequest revenue, it is more vital to have an effective means to manage and control donor bequests than ever before. The Australian Registry of Wills, Deeds and Documents works in close connection with charities and not-for-profit organisations, to help ensure bequests are upheld and executed according to a donor's wishes.

Recently, it has become increasingly difficult for charitable organisations to uphold a donor's wishes, especially when the law places the claims of dissatisfied family members before those of charities. In addition, when a donor updates their Will without notifying the charity, it proves problematic, as the charity does not have accurate and up to dae information about their donors' wishes.

By registering a donor's Will, charities are not only able to access the location of where the donor's most current Will is stored, but also have visibility of any superseded Wills. This is especially important for charities, in order to establish the validity of the most current valid Will at the time of probate.

Additionally, charities will have access to a donor's (and their Nominee's) most current contact details, as the donor has access to login to their account and update their information at any time. This provides charities with a real time 'live' database for increased data accuracy and currency, enabling them to communicate with the donors and their Nominees as required.

Proving to a court that a donor is of 'sound mind' upon producing a Will bequest is a vital element that needs to be taken into account if a bequest is disputed. By having the donor agree to and register the location of their Will, charities will be able to demonstrate that their donor had the knowledge and willingness to partake in the registration process.

By signing up to the Australian Registry of Wills, Deeds and Documents' professional business account, you will be able to track and monitor all of your registered donors on one central database. Importantly, it will help ensure you are providing the best possible 'duty of care' to fulfil both your organisations duties and your donors' wishes.

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Last will and testament
Having to go to court to fight a bequest dispute can be costly and time consuming. Eliminating the administrative effort and expense of having to protect your bequests or deal with the uncertainty of future bequest disputes should be a thing of the past. By registering with the Australian Registry of Wills, Deeds and Documents you can help ensure you don't take away vital resources from your front-line activities, allowing you to focus on what you do best - attracting new donor bequests.