Professional Registration Fees

Features Business Plans
Bronze Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Annual Subscription: AUD 0 AUD 880 AUD 1500 AUD 2100
Number of professional accounts 1 2 5 Unlimited
Document registration discounts Nil. Discount 5% Discount 10% Discount 20% Discount
Dedicated business registry account
Online Document registration certificates
Administrator monitoring of professional accounts
Unlimited storage capacity
Global account access 24/7
Free updates to client account details
Welcome kit (flyer, display stand and brochures)
Low-rate client membership fee (after first year)*

Standard Document Registration Pricing
Personal Will AUD (20.00)
Power of Attorney:
Financial Attorney AUD (20.00)
Medical Attorney AUD (20.00)
Guardianship Attorney AUD (20.00)
Specific Attorney AUD (20.00)
General Attorney AUD (20.00)
Corporate Attorney AUD (20.00)
Property Title:
Freehold Land Act Title AUD (20.00)
Freehold General Law Title AUD (20.00)
Freehold Strata Title AUD (20.00)
Leasehold Title AUD (20.00)
Company Share Title AUD (20.00)
Loan and Licence AUD (20.00)
Body Corporate AUD (20.00)
Family Trust AUD (20.00)
Unit Trust AUD (20.00)
Simple Trust AUD (20.00)
Charitable Trust AUD (20.00)
Other - Trust AUD (20.00)
Share Holding:
Share Certificate AUD (20.00)
Financial Agreement/Plan:
Investment Plan AUD (20.00)
Annuity Contract AUD (20.00)
Investment Certificate AUD (20.00)
Superannuation Deed:
Self-Managed Super AUD (20.00)
Industry-Based Super AUD (20.00)
Corporate Sector Super AUD (20.00)
Public Sector Super AUD (20.00)
Retail Sector Super AUD (20.00)
Life Insurance Policy:
Personal Insurance AUD (20.00)
Funeral Plan:
Pre-Paid Funeral Plan AUD (20.00)
Licence/Franchise AUD (20.00)
Company Constitution:
Business - Constitution AUD (20.00)
Copyright Verifier:
Standard Copyright AUD (20.00)
Personal Document:
General Personal Doc. AUD (20.00)
Business Document:
Standard Business Doc. AUD (20.00)
Retrieval of Information:
Search Document Location AUD (12.50)
*Note: Solicitors/Professionals requesting a Letter (via post/email) to confirm if a person has registered their Will/Document will be billed AUD 31.75 (Inc. GST) processing fee.
* Please note: An annual membership fee applies to all client accounts.  Click here to view membership fees.