Digital Assets

calender1 24-04-2021

As our online presence becomes more entrenched in our daily life, so does the use of various online platforms. Providing instructions on how to deal with one’s ‘digital assets’ is a crucial component to effective estate planning. From email accounts, to social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), photo/video storage (Flickr, YouTube), online banking and payment systems (eBay, PayPal, Amazon, iTunes), rewards programs (Flybuys, Frequent Flyer), computer hard drives, or passwords, your digital assets must be considered when undertaking your estate planning matters. By providing your executor with information to quickly and easily identify and settle any outstanding digital assets upon one’s death, you can help them wind up your estate effectively and also prevent any recurring subscription payments being unnecessarily processed. Consider how you will communicate your digital account information to those you trust.